Residual Media ~ An Overview

Consider the cost of thirty seconds of broadcast media during the Superbowl.  Don’t factor in the cost of production, talent fees, agency fees, and all of the strategic groundwork that goes into creating a memorable spot that will be scruntinized for a month following the big game.  Just the thirty seconds of air time this year was roughly $2.6 million.  The movie Napoleon Dynamite was produced for $400 thousand.

Now take into account that the film did more than $44 million in domestic box office sales. 

Yes, advertising works, but there are ways to make advertising expenditures with a financial gain that outpaces the marketing objectives; and yet neither of the results detract from the other.

What is Residual Media?

Imagine a media planner or marketing executive trying to account for income from advertising expenditures.  Creating a revenue stream from what has traditionally been viewed as a business expense creates an entirely new way of looking at marketing; and it should.

It’s time for a shift in the way companies look at marketing expenses.

It’s time for Residual Media.