Creativity is the most in-demand skill in the world.

You cannot automate creativity.  In a world where automation is taking over everything, creativity and innovation continue to increase in value.

Software companies don’t want someone who can just write code, they want someone who can dream up new software to fix old problems, companies don’t want business analysts that just crunch numbers, they want analysts who can think of creative solutions based off what the numbers are telling them.*

Residual brings a fresh approach with new ways of looking at things with the sole focus on challenging clients to consider a wider range of possibilities.  In order to survive, companies must disrupt or they will be disrupted.  If you dislike change, you are going to dislike irrelevance even more.*

As a creative partner, we help companies become more innovative, more competitive, and more profitable.

We specialize in:

  • Mobile engagement platforms
  • Alternative revenue streams
  • Supplier funding models
  • User engagement innovation


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