Too many companies miss too many opportunities.

Residual Media creates.  We develop and partner with creators and studios to bring new asset types to clients.  From app development to television shows to mobile engagement platforms and loyalty programs, we align properties with key business objectives with the sole intent of achieving a higher ROI.

Capitalizing on alternative media and channel strategies allows our clients to increase return on media spend. Below are some of the properties currently in development.  

Creation Services Include:

  • Video and Film Properties
  • Digital Property Creation / Apps
  • Strategic Promotions
  • Loyalty Programs



TV/Film Properties

Unscripted Reality Show with Global Appeal (Confidential)


Offline/Events/Promotional Properties 

Earth Sustainability Platform (Confidential)

Media + CPG National Program   (currently in development)


Apps/Online Properties

Cockney Weather. Cockney Weather helps you prepare for the weather with some whimsical cockney slang

Rock Weather. Rock Weather helps you prepare for the weather with some entertaining inspiration from some of the greatest songs ever, if only Shakespeare had penned the lyrics.

Heavenly Weather. God’s word and his forecast.  It’s divine.

Weather – Daily Local.  A very basic weather app, but stay tuned.  We have several additional apps in development for release later this year.

Fit Weather. Variation on our basic weather app with a health and fitness themed design.

Art Weather. Similar to our initial basic weather app, Art Weather complements weather information with licensed photos.


Case Studies


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