French Kissing Your Mom and other Social Media Thoughts

I laugh.  So many brands chasing the social media followers to claim a victory of size in a game measured by something else.  People often say you should move out here – you get a lot more house for the money.  I don’t want more house for the money – I want more neighborhood for the money.  Similarly, having the largest group of followers is not the objective.  The objective is to take care of your customers.  One way is providing them connection points that suit their lifestyle.  Another is treating them the way they deserve to be treated.  If you walked into your high school reunion, would you treat your whole class the same way or would you seek out the people that mean more to you so you could engage in meaningful conversation with them?  The idea that a brand would invest in building a large audience of followers and treat them all equally significantly misses the most basic laws of relationships – they are not all created equally.  You might french kiss your girlfriend, but would you french kiss your mom????

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