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Residual Media takes an asset based approach to media that focuses on value creation and return on investment that goes beyond marketing metrics.  Media should not be treated as an expense.  Media investments have the ability to create revenue generating assets in a variety of different formats.

As brands pay handsomely to maintain digital channels, we help offset costs through an alternative, hybrid media strategy that increases value for the customer by enhancing the experience.  Eliminating all or part of expensive IT costs to serve these channels is a proven way to increase profits.

Residual Media also manages a number of owned properties, and will be adding more.  If you are interested in enhancing your digital strategy, reducing IT infrastructure costs, monetizing your digital assets, or partnering with Residual Media on a media project, let us know.

Our services include:

  • Digital Asset Monetization
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Media Partnerships
  • Digital Property Creation and Management



4.18.18 – NBC News, Myrtle Beach – Find Out If It’s Taters Out Right On Your Dog and Bone